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I went bored //ming

 Sky ran across the streets, pushing people and making turns when he sees one.

 "HEY! COME BACK HERE!" the person chasing him screamed, with a few other people following him. Sky held his amulet which was glowing brightly.

 "NEVER~~!!" He shouted back, throwing a smoke bomb at him. The person and the people around him coughs and rubs their eyes from the smoke. Sky made a sharp turn into a dark alleyway and hid there. The sound of mad crowds was heard for a while, then everything was silent again. Sky sighed in relief, suddenly a tuxedo-like black an white cat appeared and mewd, which caught Sky's attention. Tying up his hair with a yellow hair tie, he pet the cat.The cat then ran into the deep alleyway. Sky looked at the cat, confused, and stood up. He began following the cat, searching deeper into the alleyway, then another mewl was heard. 

 "Here, kitty kitty~" He whispered. He continued walking in, the light from the amulet accompanying him. His slinged bag held tight, another mewl was heard. 

Assalam and hellllloooooooooo~~

Here's some updates~
Bullet; Red I made a YouTube channel, gais! Subscribe? No? Okai.…
Bullet; Yellow I might make a contest for my channel art soon, so stay tuned. [heythatrhymes]
Bullet; Red Deadlox is stuck in a box.
Bullet; Yellow Circletine is on the goooooo
Bullet; Red Any recommendations of any short vids you want me to experiment? Comment down belooooowwww~
Bullet; Yellow Also posting random drawings from now on, because I want to see which do you prefer, original drawings or Deadlox more. oxo

Das enough updates for now, stay tuuuuunnneedddddd~~
Assalam and heller.

Didn't update much these days, sorry.. Got busy with :iconask-mutetruemu: account ^^;

Buuut anyways, I have a question.
If I were to animate a short video based on TC/random Aces in das internet, what would it be?
I was thinking 'CIRCLETINE' coz why not //:iconmingplz:

If you want circletine, do tell me in the comments :3
If you have any random short YouTube videos that you would want me to experiment, leave a link down below~!

Thankies and enjoy, update coming soon
Haven't been so productive/active on posting deviantations lately, sooooooooooooooo sorry 'bout that ;w;
So, if I don't acutally have anything to do here,  would either go to my ask account will be :iconask-mutetruemu:, and now I'm out of questions.

So little favour, if I uploaded something and you have seen/read it, I want you to go to the ask account and ask Mute Jason some shizzle~ Might come out late, because I'm more active on this account then Jason's XD

Also if I reach about 50 questions, I will probably open up Endus for asks~ So ask questions here / there!

Thanks <3

P/S: Everybody say Happy Birthday to :iconxxderpyvannyxx:, it's his b-day <3
Happy Birthday again Vanny~
"Heeeeyyyy long time no update XD Have everything

bring on the pain 2bring on the pain  :iconmerpplz:

Bullet; Black  I scanned a few drawings exept the chibis. I'll post one soon~
Bullet; White Not going to update anything/stream tomorrow [23.04.2014 forme] coz I have a course to attend, so I won't be replying or do anything tomorrow. Sorry. :'(
Bullet; Black Sorry for not posting much these days, it's either I got distracted or lazy or I'm just plain lazy to post. mostlylazy
Bullet; White New update, I will do journals/updates every week to keep you guys updated, so stay Aced~
Bullet; Black I'm currently active on Twitter, so follow me for random tweets.
Bullet; White I'll get my scanner
Bullet; Black Have any suggestions for me? Comment down below and I will [InshaAllah] reply as soon as I can~
Bullet; White I want more colour pencilsssss ;w;

Thanks for reading, 
-Alia78904 Heart "
Currently streaming.
Singing random songs and drawing like a boss at the same time.


The ONLY Rule: The questions MUST be answered in-character.

1.) What is your name?
"Alia, but I prefer people to call me Al~"

2.) Do you know why you were named that?
"I don't know. Deal with it"

3.) Are you single or taken?

4.) Have any special abilities or powers?
"Sorcery, Magic, etc..."

5.) Stop being a Mary-Sue!

6.) What's your eye color?
"Left Eye: Diamond Blue [changes color by mood/personality]
Right Eye: An ACTUAL Ruby [The Color Doesn't Change]"

7.) How about hair color?
" Dark brown, looks more of black~ Also has a white highlight at some places. Short."

8.) Have you any family members?

9.) Oh? How about pets?

10.) That's cool, I guess. Now tell me something you don't like.
"Um... Alcoholic drinks and pork. Nor ham. I hate those."

11.) Do you have any activities/hobbies that you like to do?
"Anything that makes me happy~"

12.) Have you ever hurt anyone in any way before?
"....Nope...I think..."

13.) Ever...killed anyone before?

14.) What kind of animal are you?
"Do I look like an animal to you?"
"Do you?"

15.) Name your worst habits.

16.) Do you look up to anyone at all?
"My friends, Family, my Aces who always calls me senpai.."

17.) Are you gay, straight, or bisexual?

18.) Do you go to school?
"Yes. I'm in 10th Grade.."

Admin: Am I?
19.) Ever wanna marry and have kids one day?

20.) Do you have fangirls/fanboys?
"Think so... IDK."

21.) What are you most afraid of?
"Losing everyone I love and care for."

22.) Okay... What do you usually wear?
"This" -points to clothes that has on-

23.) What's one food that tempts you?

24.) Am I annoying you?
"Yeah, sort of~" -clicks shotgun-

25.) Well, it's still not over!

26.) What class are you? Low class, middle class, high class?
"High Class because" -points to crown- "But I don't act like a rich snob.."

27.) How many friends do you have?

Admin: Not for me //hides under table
28.) What are your thoughts on pie?

29.) Favorite drink?
30.) What's your favorite place?

31.) Are you interested in anyone~?
-Points to Vanny-

"The what?"

33.) Would you rather swim in a lake or the ocean?
"Both, but I prefer more on lakes~"

34.) What's your type?
-Points to Vanny again-

35.) Camping or indoors?

38.) Are you still wanting the quiz to end?

39.) Well, it's over. Now tag some people!

Okay so 

Here's da answers :3

:iconjhelisapoh:jhelisapoh asked:
"why do you like deadlox so much?:3"

Well, coz he's cool and all, you guys really seems to like me drawing him aaaaaaaaaand I have gotten used to drawing him and and and skylox soon

:iconxxsoulkatxx:xXSoulkatXx asked:
"Who's your favorite MC YouTuber"


:iconendydrago:EndyDrago asked:
Where is my chibi drawin alia?.."

I told you, scanner's broken, it's going to be fixed soon so yeah

:iconxxderpyvannyxx:xXDerpyVannyXx asked:
"Why Are You So Cute~?" -chuckles-"

I'm not cute, Vanny. Shtahppp

:iconmisttheelf:MistTheElf asked:
Favorite sempai...who is it?"


:iconpokemonpeale113v2:pokemonpeale113V2 asked:


"notice me, senpai?....pls?"

Noticed :meow:

:iconneuro--toxic:Neuro--Toxic asked:
"Can i hug you? "

Come at me. -arms wide open-

"Do u luv me?"

I love everyone of my Aces, so yeah~

:iconfunlittlestuff:funlittlestuff asked: [UMIGURSH SENPAI]
":iconsparklesplz:How does gravity affect motion in space? :iconsparklesplz:"

Weeeeellll... //rant

Asks are still open, bu if you want it to be private then you can note me or you can ask me here -

Thanks for asking~!
-Alia78904 <3
OK so i'm bored 

so ask me questions

maybe some I will draw



There has been a rumor spreading around that is saying that dA admins are deleting accounts.
It sounds/reads a bit like this: 

As of May the twenty first, deviantART will be deleting ALL dA accounts. Not the plz accounts though. But just all name-wasted accounts, or accounts that we think are fake, or that are useless. We are doing this to prevent something that could possibly may happen in the future. If we find this message on you're deviantID, journal, etc. We will know that you are not a fake.

Thank you for listening,

-deviantART staff

Well, that rumor is WRONG. DeviantArt has never ever deleted any accounts before, they only locked them such as if an account got hacked, they lock it in hope original owner will come back. Only owner of account can deactivated, staff cannot do that, unless he didn't broke rules of devart terms of service.

Any official news will be announced at devArt's hq. Do not believe that devArt will do that, because dA loves us. <3

Also whoever that made this stupid idea, that's not funny. It would just disappoint other/new deviants. Plus, it's stupid and chidish. People could get banned by this thing.

Credits to :iconusername-91:Username-91 for the info~ Danke~! :)
His journal:

Stolen from xXDerpyVannyXx ewe

The Basics:

Name: Alia [last name unknown], Al

Age: 16 and has a few kind of personalities/hybrids.

Gender: Female

Species: Human Hybrid

Occupation/title: Godess of Universe

Height: Between 5ft-6ft

Body build: Light, Quite fragile,

Eye color: Visible eye blue, covered eye actual Ruby red

Hair color: Black with shades of white

Skin color: Normal Color

Other Important Stuffs:

Defining Traits:
Uses an antiaircraft gun/shotgun. Rarely uses Bazooka.

Favorite Color: Silver/White, Blue.

Favorite animal (if any):  Dragons/Foxes

Sexual Orientation: Straight

Current partner: Ivan [Belongs to :iconxxderpyvannyxx:xXDerpyVannyXx ]

Likes: Shotguns, Diamonds, glomps, teleporting, the blue sky, etc..

Dislikes:  Traitors, Enemy's, etc..

Style preference(s):
      -Clothing style
      Normal attire: A long-sleeved light blue collared shirt, Dark blue long sleeveless vest , darker blue jeans with a red tie, black inners with black gloves. Crystal will be hidden under clothing.
      Royal attire: [soon to be posted, too fab to explain]
      -Fighting style Hand To Hand Combat, Sorcery Combat, Magic Combat, Gun Combat & Sword Combat
      -Music style Dupstep
      -Hair style Bang Covering Right [Ruby] Eye, Short.

      -Emotional Is calm with new/normal people, easily gets along.
      -Physical Wound will heal itself when Crystal is on, loses powers without the Crystal.
      -Mental N/A

Other Stuffs:

General Disposition and Emotions: Generally calm, serious and joker. Calm and friendly. If angered, frightened or hurt,she will either glitch or disappear.

Good Tendencies: Protective, friendly, likes to do what's right when she can. Is very determined when she sets his mind to things, and can become very focused when he wants to. If needed she can focus on a single task for hours at a time. 
Bad Tendencies:
Will glitch randomly when hurt, goes Insane when needed to.

Special abilities: Sorcery, Witchcraft, Fire-Elemental. Changes to different personalities when needed, has normal Black [Left, Right is White] angel wings and spawned when needed to.


Fighting preferences (if any): Hand to hand combat, magic powered fight, shoots with gun in normal fights.
      -Reason for preference: Other Important hybrids comes out when hand to hand combat. Normally shifts to the needed personality.

Strength in fighting styles:
      -Hand-to-hand combat 9/10
      -Aerial combat 9/10
      -Martial arts 10/10  
      -Swordsmanship 10/10 
      -Archery 10/10
      -Gunmanship 10/10 
      -Magic 10/10

Personal Quote: "Do something or I'll kill you in your sleep."

Shizzlesticks X3

Journal Entry: Mon Apr 7, 2014, 5:22 AM

Gallery | RagnART | +Watch ME | Note ME

Omaigurd it's journalised


Yeah I'm a K-ON! fan.


- I'm too lazy to decorate page :iconmingplz:
- My scanner broke, so no chibis yet ;w; sorry
- I'll schedule future devinatations from everyday to 3-4 deviantations a day...
You have been warned.
- I have Skype, my ID is alia78904.
- Commissions are open~!
- Yeah i got nothing more.

I'm streaming Scribblenauts:Unlimited/Unleashed [idkwhichone]
tomorrow, so stay tuned~
Also if it don work I'll stream me playing Serenia Fantasy instead.
Add me on Skype and if yiu have a mike you can play
with me! I'll message to ask you if you can~

Stay tuned my Aces and a new Journal coming up
tomorrow[my time] to tell you when I'm streaming!
My twitch:

Thanks for reading!

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Hei hai helo~

Tanya saya soalan~ InshaAllah saya akan kumpulkan semuanya dalam satu jornal yang baru dan saya akan jawab semuanya~

P/S: Saye[ehbahasakampunglah] buat 'fan group' baru tadi, guna akaun backup saya, :iconnekoalia:~ Nak join join laa



[Hey hi hello~

Ask me questions~ I will gather everything up in another journal and InshaAllah I will answer all of them~

P/S: I made a new fan group just now, using my backup account, :iconnekoalia:~ If you want to join you may~


Here's some random commission prices that I'm so 'diligent' to do.


[PC] ShadowSeto Icon by Alia78904  [FREE] Deadlox blink Icon by Alia78904 [GIFT] EndyDrago by Alia78904 

20Points for each icon

Can be
Bullet; Blue Your OC
Bullet; White Gift for a friend
Bullet; Blue Blinking
Bullet; White Licking
Bullet; Blue Randomness
Bullet; White Your Minecraft character

X Tilable Xmas DividerX Tilable Xmas DividerX Tilable Xmas Divider 


Budder Prince Pagedoll by Alia78904 Prince Deadlox.Pagedoll...? by Alia78904 Herobrine Journal Doll by Alia78904[JOURNALDOLL] Deadlox by Alia78904[STREAM] Ivan Journal Doll by Alia78904

for pagedoll
30Points  for journall doll

Bullet; Yellow Your OC
Bullet; Orange Gift for a friend
Bullet; Yellow Animated [Page dolls costs extra 5Points ]
Bullet; Orange Randomness
Bullet; Yellow Your Minecraft character

To use pagedolls, type :bigthumb[numbers]:. Remove [ ] and there you go~
For journal dolls, use :thumb[numbers]: Remove [ ] and there you go~

I don't know if it works for comments..

X Tilable Xmas DividerX Tilable Xmas DividerX Tilable Xmas Divider 


  more coming soon

Costs: 40Points  for each chibi

Can be
Bullet; Black Your OC
Bullet; White Gift for a friend
Bullet; Black Randomness
Bullet; White Your Minecraft character

X Tilable Xmas DividerX Tilable Xmas DividerX Tilable Xmas Divider 


  What's In The Box? by Alia78904  


70Points !


X Tilable Xmas DividerX Tilable Xmas DividerX Tilable Xmas Divider 

GIFS[closed for now]

 [AT] 11IceDragon11 by Alia78904

Costs: 150Points 

Bullet; Yellow Your OC
Bullet; Orange Gift for a friend
Bullet; Yellow  Randomness
Bullet; Orange  Your Minecraft character

X Tilable Xmas DividerX Tilable Xmas DividerX Tilable Xmas Divider 

IMPORTANT: Please pay the commission in the donate section of my page, thank you~!

-Alia78904Three emoty Tower 

- Pick 10 of your OCs in any order. If you don’t have 10 OCs use canon, borrow yer friends's char, whatever. 

- Don't look at the numbers in the questions while picking the characters! (it's more fun that way)
- Link back to the blank.[I lost it, gomenne~]
- Have fun! Heart [nope]


1. Me
2. Alia
3. Ace
4. Mute! Jason
5. Endus
6. Brinelox
7. Livelox
8. Romance Deadlox
9. Lia [my OC i'm too lazy to post]
10. Leo [my OC i'm too lazy to post]

1. So, [8], what do you think about Valentine's Day?
Coe: Much chocolates~

2. Believe it or not, but [3] was convinced to go to a blind date. Turned out his/her partner is [6]. How was the date go?
Ace: -blushes-
Brinelox: WTF?

3. Later [3] and [6] found out that [5] was the one who picked them for the blind date...
Endus: //runs

4. Ding ding, [1] received an anonymous fan letter! What does it say?
Note: Be my Valentine? ~Vanny
Me: YoulittlefiretruckingcutelilchibiofcourseIwould

5. [7] caught [2] and a crocodile in fancy hat went to a movie together. How romantic!
Alia: ...Why, Laila? Why? -_-
Laila: XD

6. Ehem, [9], can you please describe your ideal partner/dream date, no matter how weird it might sounds?
Lia: I have no interest in dating, sorry~

7. I see, I see... And what does [10] think about [9]'s description?
Leo: I knew that.
Lia: Shut up.

8. [4] is dared to kiss someone in this meme, who would he/she choose? (The creator of this meme is nice so it doesn't have to be a kiss on the lips, unless you want to. >:3)[LOLNOPE]
M.Jason: -kisses cat-
Cat: Mew~

9. [6] and [8] are fighting for [5]. How come?
Brinelox: He's mine.
RomanceDeadlox: Oh no he's mine.-hugs Endus-
Endus: -is confused on what is happening-

10. Oh noes! [2] was kidnapped by heavy-armed evil hamsters and was taken to a castle to become king hamster's new sweetheart! Anyone want to make a rescue team?
Alia: Why the heck..?
Hamster King: <3<3

Others: -removes hamsters-

11. Would [10] receive any chocolate or gift on Valentine's Day? Anything from someone in the meme?
Leo: Chocolates? -stares at chocolates piled up-

12. [3] randomly walks in and sees [7] sitting on [1] and they're both on a bed.
Me: -braids Laila's hair-
Ace: Nothing to see here. -leaves-

13. [4] and [5] is giving [6] some pieces of love advice. What're they?

Don't kill her.

14. A wild hobo appears! He gives [9] a flower!
Lia: Aww, thanks~

15. [8] received a mysterious gift box from [2]. What's inside it?
R.Deadlox: COOKIESS!!! -noms-

16. So, [7], have you ever played half-naked Twister? Do you want to?
Laila: What is it..? ...And maybe no..?

17. [1] and [3], please each pick a song that describe your state of mind on Valentine's Day.
Me:-is not singing- I don't really do Valentines day... I already have a mate.
Ace: -sings love songs endlessly-

18. Cool. And what do they think about the other person's song?
Me: how do you know that many loves songs..?
Ace: IDK, my fans sang it to me..

19. King hamster's castle was conquered, and [10] was in charge of re-decorate it for a Valentines event (don't care about money). How is the castle look like after the re-decorating?
Leo: -decorates it like a fancy boss-

20. Everyone in this meme is invited to a fantastic ball in the castle. Describe it a bit and/or tag someone to end the meme!
All exept me: Woooo!!
Me: I don't do balls, so.. -leaves-

:iconzapp1n:ZAPP1N [random watcher XD]
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Hello my Aces. [too lazy to translate, tell me who to kiss] Here's some updates~

-------------------- :lol: --------------------
  • I'm sticking to chibis since you guys like the 'What's In The Box' deviantation, I drew Vendy, Toxic, Jerra, uh my daughter, my mate, and if you comment AliaDrawsWatchers you might be drawn :3 WinterNova's finished~ P/S: It's a tradisional drawing, so yeah~
  • Ask me some questions, I'll combine everything and post it in another journal :3 Ask awayyyyy~
  • I updated Alia's appearance, it will be posted in the chibis. Also reference sheet coming soon, same goes for Ace.
  • Commission prices coming soon~
  • I'll be doing some experiment with tradisional ways.
  • Any suggestions you want me to draw? owo
  • Do you know any online multiplayer games that DOES NOT FRIKIN NEED TO BE DOWNLOADED!?
  • This one thing is important: Sign this petition please, Google's being a jerk.>:3 [sorrygoogledidntmeantodontkillmeplease] Link:…
-------------------- :lol: --------------------

Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoy this update, If you sneezed during reading this journal, bless you. Peace off. -salutes- Baiii <3
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Saya nak cakap Bahasa Melayu sepanjang minggu bermula 12 tengah malam ni~ Kalau saya/aku tak cakap atau menukarkannya menjadi Inggeris, cabar saya untuk cium seseorang di bibir~ [RP saja okeyy] Jadi~

Asslam Acesku~!

P/S: Saye ni campuran melayu baku dan melayu sarawak jadi faham-fahamjelah


I want to speak Malay all week starting from 12 midnight today~ If I don't talk/translate it into English, dare me to kiss someone in the lips~ [RPs only okayy] So~

Assalam my Aces~!

P/S: I'm a combination of proper malay and sarawak malay so deal with it

le challenge stolen by xXDerpyVannyXx

Assalam guys, quick favour: Can you watch this guy right here - xXDerpyVannyXx He's a very good friend of mine, Plus he's an amazing RolePlayer! So if you guys want to, WATCH HIM!
His old account, TheInsaneHybrid, got deactivated for ban evasion. IDEK what that means, buuuuut I think it's a bad thing. HO HELP HIM GET BACK HIS 70+ WATCHERS GUYS! HE'S AIMING FOR 100~!!

Alia78904 & DerpyVanny~



You made him look so cute, I like~
Prizes will be sent sooooonnnn~~



Congrazzles, the chibi is so cute I squeed when I saw it~

Prizes will be sent soon~

Prizes will be sent sooooon~
Send me your part of the collab!
I'll do it soon-When I have the time to.


-ALIA78904 :heart:



Bunny Emoji-42 (Awww) [V2] 




Here's the deal,
I want you to draw MuteJason here
Mute!TrueMu Ref/Colour Sheet by Alia78904




-No stealing other people's arts
-You can draw both of them if u want :3
- The theme is FREE
-You can include your OC if you want X3


1st Place
-Art collab!
-A llama?
-A watch from me~
-A few faves

2nd Place
-20 :points:
-A request from me
-A watch
-A llama
-Also a few faves

3rd Place
-10 :points:
-An Icon
-A few faves~

Hope you guys enjoy and I'll see you Aces later!
-Alia78904 Heart


Real Entry. by bluelillly

Brinelox by NiatalieHoran

for contest by Thedeadloxfreak101

<da:thumb id="442787175"/>

<da:thumb id="443478538"/>

Endus . : CONTEST ENTRY : . by CHAT-N0IR

Mute Jason contest entry by albinococonut

EDIT: Deadline is 25thApril~ Be sure to submit before the deadline~!

Assalam and hello my Aces~

I need help, again. Do any of you guys have photoshop? And if you do, can you ples share it with me? I always wanted photoshop, but I can't seem to find the right one ;w;

As an exchange, I can give you Paint Tool SAI or a drawing... Or both?

Thanks and sorry ;w;